NV License #49528 · UT License #7024008-5501

At L&R Integrity Inc., safety is a way of life. Each day we strive to find ways to make the workplace safe for our employees and also safe for the workers completing various tasks that are not employed by L&R. At L&R we have a top down safety culture that starts with its CEO Lee Mullis. He has over 30 years experience in the industry. He is committed that our employees return home safely to their families at the end of each day. L&R takes a different approach to safety, each manager is a safety director and each leadman is a safety team member. Through weekly and monthly on site training each employee is trained and managed with focus of creating a safety culture. We all must cooperate and work together to achieve this lofty goal. Creating and maintaining safe workplaces is a part of the job at L&R Integrity.

Our success is dependant upon the following:

  • Realization that keeping our employees safe is a critical value.
  • Continued management commitment to the program.
  • Supervisor's commitment to follow through.
  • Maintenance of good and productive attitudes by all.
  • Ongoing education and training.

Continued commitment and implementation by all employees.

Our employees are the most valuable assets at L&R Integrity Inc.

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